The Messel Endowment

A project undertaken by the Science Foundation for Physics within The University of Sydney and supervised RG Hewitt.

In order to recognise talented senior high school students and encourage them to pursue careers in science, professor Harry Messel of The University of Sydney launched the first Science School in 1962.  It was attended by high school students from Australia and New Zealand.  Within a few years the Science Schools became international, with students from Japan, the United Kingdom and the United States of America.  More recently they have broadened further with students from China, Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand attending.  More than 3000 scholars from around the world have now attended these Science Schools, which, since 1999, have been named the Professor Harry Messel International Science Schools.  Support for these Science Schools is provided by a number of supporters, including the Hermon Slade Foundation.

Wishing to ensure that the Science Schools should continue indefinitely, the Science Foundation for Physics within The University of Sydney has established an endowment to support the Science Schools.  The Foundation has been named the Messel Endowment and the 31st International Science School, held in July 2001, was the first to receive support from the Messel Endowment.

The Messel Endowment currently stands at $407,616 and current pledges and a crude estimate of interest will take it to over $550,000 by the end of 2004.

In order to grow on the solid foundation built to date, so as to achieve the target of $2,500,000 in 1999 values, a feasibility study has been commissioned as a first step, and it is anticipated that a capital campaign to raise the outstanding funds will follow.


Professor Harry Messel

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